Hyori Lee Rumored Boyfriends

Here is a list of Hyori Lee boyfriend rumors. Although none of these are confirmed, Hyori once said that "usually my scandals are actually true."

Lee Hyo Ri confessed in "Sang Sang Plus Season 2"? the truth about rumors linking her to different celebrities.

She was first asked who among her "scandal partners" was the most absurd one and Lee Hyo Ri answered that it was the one with Shin Dong Yup and Park Soo Hong. She also added that the rest of the rumors were true.

Hearing her answer, Shin Jung Hwan made a follow-up question and said, "There were only two which are not true?" Hyo Ri then replied, "Those were the absurd cases. There were other rumors that were entirely true but there were also others that were partly true."

Lee Hyo Ri was then asked about the truth on rumors on her relationships with actors.

She answered, "I didnít have one with an actor." Then after saying that, she took it back and said "I did have one with an actor," an answer that resulted to a laughing moment.

Source: Hankyung

In general, Hyori has been very good about keeping her love life a secret from the media. Nothing has been confirmed about Hyori Lee's rumored boyfriends, but still, many rumors have come out. Here is a list of them and any info about the rumor. As more info about Hyori Lee boyfriend rumors come out, we'll update this page.

As we get more info on each specific scandal, we'll update this page.

Hong Kyung Min

A k-pop singer with a huge vocal range. This allows him to vary his music choices from ballad, to rock, even dance.

Eun Ji Won

Most well-known for being a member of Korean group Sechs Kies. He is a rapper, host, dancer, and composer.

Choi Hee Sup

Choi Hee Sup is professional baseball player from South Korea who plays in the Major League Baseball. His teams include the Chicago Cubs, Florida Marlins, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He is a first baseman who bats and throws left-handed.

Lee Seo Jin

Lee Seo Jin is one of Korea's top K-drama stars. He has acted in series such as Phoenix. He was rumored to be getting married to Hyori, but these rumors were denied. Also photos of the two holding hands were seen.


You guys all know who Rain is. But the more important story is what he told his friend about him and Hyori. Reportedly on a radio show, Rain's friend was asked to phone him. When Rain saw that it was his friend calling, he picked up the phone and said, "I can't believe it, I banged the shit out of Hyori last night, it was great." Then the radio show quickly went onto commercial break.

Choi Sung Wook

Heir to the Dongyang construction conglomerate. Pictures of him and Hyori were posted all over the Internet with the two of them appearing rather close in a hot tub.

Kwon Sang Woo

He is a Korean actor. He did a CF with Hyori together.